The flag site exits because of the vision and dedication of prior Committees with the generosity of the citizens of Somerset County, PA.
The current Committee is committed to the long-term maintenance of the flag site,
which is dedicated to all Somerset County veterans and to the flag pole which is dedicated to the Flight 93 heroes
If successful, our work will never be finished.


Donations of any amount will support the never ending maintenance costs.

All cash donations are used to support the purchase and maintenance of the flag and the flag site.

The Officers and Directors are volunteers and receive neither cash or no-cash payment for their service to the Committee.

Please send all cash donations to:

P.O. BOX 1172
SOMERSET, PA 15501-1172

If you include a letter or note with your name and address,
or a membership form, you will receive a Thank You from the our Treasurer.


Engraving of a paving stone at the flag site is available for a donation of $250.
Engrave a stone with the name of your choice to honor your support, a family member or a special veteran. Since the site is dedicated to the veterans of Somerset County, the Committee encourages memorials for a special veteran that is also a family member.

The Committee reserves the right to edit the final engraving.

Deductible value of a paving stone donation is $135.

Shetler Memorials will engrave the stone using the VERMACO font. This font is very durable. For best results the engraving should be no more than three lines with a maximum of twelve characters per line. Use the matrix below to test and finalize your lettering.





A donation of $1,000 or more includes a Life Membership and engraving of a paving stone.
These donations will be deposited in a special account restricted for perpetual maintenance.

Deductible value of an endowment donation of $1,000 is $885 with a paving stone
or $1,000 without a paving stone memorial.

 Donations may be tax deductable.