The flag site exits because of the vision and dedication of prior Committees with the generosity of the citizens of Somerset County, PA.
The current Committee is committed to the long-term maintenance of the flag site,
which is dedicated to all Somerset County veterans and to the flag pole which is dedicated to the Flight 93 heroes
If successful, our work will never be finished.

Somerset County Flag Committee

Originally registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State, September 17, 1993, and with the Internal Revenue Service, May 6, 1994.


  • Construction, erection and maintenance of a site at which to display a large American flag thereby honoring this great nation and promoting patriotism, good citizenship and pride in our democratic system of government.
  • Teach and educate the community by fostering the desire of individuals to preserve and perpetuate this nation's ideals and principles; and further to foster within the community the desire to maintain and cherish the institutions of American freedom and to foster patriotism, love of country and service to community.
  • Alone or in cooperation with other persons or organizations, to do any and all lawful acts and things which may be necessary, useful, suitable or proper for the furtherance, accomplishment or attainment of any or all of the purposes or powers of the corporation.


A copy of the Committee's BY-LAWS is available in PDF format by clicking the link below

BY-LAWS of the Somerset County Flag Committee, Inc.


A copy of the Committee's Articles of Incorporation is available in PDF format by clicking the link below:

Articles of Incorporation

Internal Revenue Service

IRS Determination Letter

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