The flag site exits because of the vision and dedication of prior Committees with the generosity of the citizens of Somerset County, PA.
The current Committee is committed to the long-term maintenance of the flag site,
which is dedicated to all Somerset County veterans and to the flag pole which is dedicated to the Flight 93 heroes
If successful, our work will never be finished.

To the official site of the Somerset County Flag Committee, Inc.

August 19, 2019 THANKS SOMERSET!

The Flag Station completed the work in record time. Thanks to the Quality Inn for permission to park the crane. The Saylor crew started setting up the crane about 7 AM. Preparation of a new cable and removal of the old pully on top of the pole went quickly. A new winch was installed and a new flag was raised. The new flag should fly until Veterans Day.

  First Arrival  
  First Arrival
August 15th
Getting Started Going Up Got It Done
Getting Ready
Winter Flag Still Up
All Repairs Done
New Flag Going Up
All Done
New Flag Flying High

Site Name Announced

July 2, 2019
The Committee anounced the official name for the flag site

America's County Veterans Memorial Flag Plaza

America's County Logo


June 2019 THANKS!

Between our May and June meetings our request for funds to fix the pole hardware was met by replies from the following donars:

Somerset Eagles 1801
Mosholder Insurance Agency
Betty Jean Anderson
Mr & Mrs David S. Dickey
Jack E & Judith L. Mosholder
Stephanie A. Lytle
Thomas A. & Brenda S. Walker
Neil R. & Marilyn G. Morton
Barry L. & Linda M. Phillips
John E. & Patricia A. Will
Ken & Rita Halverson
American Legion Post 279
American Legion Post 181
Randy & Barbara Davies
Rotary Club of Somerset
American Legion Post 257


May 2019

Our effort to select a site name continues and we may be close to a decision.

However, we requested an inspection of the pole. The inspection was done by the Flag Station of Altoona. While the pole is in good condition and will last many more years, the internal hardware needs to be replaced. The cost estimate is between $7,500 and $8,500.
We are requesting donations. We need about $3,000 to begin the repairs. Any help will be appreciated.

We will try to fly a small flag for Memorial Day; but, we can not safely fly a large flag until the repairs are completed.

On May 23 Craig Hetrick from the Flag Station made repairs to the cable. We should be able to safely fly our small flag until the major repairs are completed. We raised a new flag on May 24.

Our letter to the editor can be viewed HERE


April 22, 2019

After 24 years the Committee thinks the site deserves on "OFFICIAL" name. The Committee is named in our organization documents; but, not the site. The best we have done in numerous newspaper articles is "the site of the big flag behind the..." We are considering some suggestions and hope to make a decision soon. Today the Daily American published a story about our search for a name.

In addition to our name search, we are looking for new members to help raise and lower our flags and to maintain the site. If you want to help, check our membership page.


Flag Day 2009



Flag Day 1995

June 14, 1995 Flag up and flying as a new landmark




Next Meeting

7:00 PM August 28, 2019
 Somerset, PA

Phone number:
(814) 444-0637

Click here use of the site for a flag retirement

Directions to the Flag Site

Pennsylvania Turnpike to Somerset Exit 110
Turn right into Quality Inn parking lot
Flag site is behind the Quality Inn